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31/7/20 Live Draw Results

As drawn live on facebook live video via

  • Winner of the 20 x Golf R32 Draw Tickets is Shaun Keir with the ticket number 281
  • Winner of the 20 x £10,000 Draw Tickets is Claire Degan with the ticket number 56
  • Winner of the £250 Amazon Voucher is Mikey Douglas with the ticket number 171
  • Winner of the Ford RS / Cash Alternative Prize is Gareth Wilson with the ticket number 20

Because not all tickets were sold out on the Ford RS, The cash alternative prize has been rewarded instead with 70% of all ticket sales in that competition being put towards the winnings of £2500 as the prize. That was our final and last cash alternative meaning, if you buy tickets from this point on, in any of our competitions there will be no rollovers, no cash alternatives on any of our prizes.

So play on and good luck!